Goda nyheter för en gångs skull

juni 18, 2009 at 6:38 e m (Uncategorized)

Idag läste jag något som värmde mitt gamla hjärta. En av min ungdoms bästa band kommer återförenas och släppa en ny skiva nästa år, den första sedan 1982 då bandet splittrades. Alla gamla medlemmar verkar dock inte vara helt införstådda än men det ser faktiskt inte helt mörkt ut. Så här lät dom 1979:

Säger händelsvis inte detta så mycket så hade dom en jätte-hit, den enda med den här två år tidigare:

Så här skriver keyboardisten Max Thomas idag:

Dear all,

First, I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything for such a long time…….
I have some news that will be of interest to everyone….and also a request.
Laurelie wrote to me recently – and I feel very bad about not even communicating with you – and suggested I get in touch with Renaissance Records about their re-releasing stuff..
Well, one thing led to another, and there is now some serious discussion going on about trying to reform the band with a view to releasing ”It’s Personal ” in the USA, AND following it with a NEW City Boy album next year. Roy is definitely up for it, and John Edwards, the CEO of Renaissance records is in the process of ….. wait for it….trying to convince Mutt Lange to be involved with its production.
Who else? Too early to say at this stage. Lol has always said he would NOT be interested, but….
John will be contacting Mike and Steve. Watch this space!
The request; we are trying to locate the master tapes of IP, but an alternative woulod be to get hold of a pristine copy of the album itself, either on vinyl or on CD. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to lend John thier copy so that he could use it as a master? Please contact me immediately if you can do this. I think you all have my email address, but just post on the board – either the main one or the Forum.
Early days yet, but I am very excited, believe me!
LOVE to you ALL,
Max Thomas and you, uberbelly!!!


Undertecknad är nu i sjunde himlen. Eftersom dom var särdeles populära i just Skandinavien så är det väl rätt stor chans att dom kommer hit också. Får väl hoppas att musik inte hinner bli haram innan dess.



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